Excavator Rentals

Our Excavators are our main powerhouse heavy duty machinery. They are powerful, reliable, and efficient for your larger construction projects. On the Excavators rotating platform we have all your excavation and trenching needs, this consists of a Boom, Dipper, Cab and Bucket. Cat’s Heavy metal equipment excavators are powerful, reliable and efficient for projects that work with mass amounts of earth moving materials or smaller scale rock and soil. Choose from large or small excavators that will meet the demands of your project such as demolition, dredging, material handling or just simply lifting heavy objects.


Excavators & Hammers


Hydraulic Hammer

We have state-of-the-art hydraulic hammers for all your rock breaking needs. Our hammers now have integrated smart technology for easier fleet management and more efficient processes.


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Backhoe Loader

When the job demands big power, this backhoe delivers. The loader delivers maximum lift and breakout forces, fast cycle times and high lift capacity. An excavator-style backhoe boom, with superior bucket rotation and forces, combine for high productivity levels.