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4 Seater Can-Am

4-seater, 120HP Turbo Engine, Dynamics Electronic Long-Travel Suspension, 100watt Rockford Fosgate Bluetooth Stereo, Ultra-Wide 64″ Stance, Oversized Tires, Largest Cabin, Widest Stance, Tallest Ground Clearance & Most Power UTV We Offer! YOU WILL LOVE THIS UTV!

4 Seater Can-Am​

  • 1 Hour Tour

  • 1000 CC Turbo

  • Guided Tour

  • Soft Drinks

  • Helmet & Goggles

* Please be advised that a $1,000 hold will be placed on your credit card or cash when you pick up your rental. 


Haiti's landscape is a perfect setting for UTV enthusiasts. But, off-road driving is not without risks. That's why we've taken the necessary steps to provide you with state-of-the-art UTVs, equipped with top-notch safety features to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. We are committed to providing you with an off-road experience like no other that's why we seasoned our UTVs with superior shock absorbers making long trips much more comfortable while promoting off-road stability.

How do we reduce the risks of accidents and injuries?

01. Safety and protection Gear

It sounds simple and yes, it is, to keep yourself safe in a Utv. Just use the safety gear that we provide free of charge in our facility. This includes a proper racing helmet, to prevent injuries from small stones or bushes that pass with high speed.  There’s no windshield on the utv's, for this we provide racing googles to stop dust, grit and stones getting in your eyes. This will keep you driving more safely.

3. Safe riding behavior

a) Use your eyes (yes this is the key) and get yourself an overview of the next 20 meters. If you cannot see what is in front of you, slow down and drive carefully. Follow the police chase lights.
b) Always follow the line of your guide. This will make sure you don´t end up in terrain that wasn´t checked for safety. If you feel safe you can play in certain areas on your own risk.
c) If you are not sure about your next step, stop and wait for your guide to help you.

5. Distance between Utv and other on road vehicles

Always keep a safe distance to other vehicles in front of you and next to you. Before you decide to move into any direction, make sure no other vehicles are in your new line. Please slow down when you are in a school zone.

02 Save behavior in the UTV

Always strap yourself in with the seat belt.  This reduces the chances of serious injuries in the event of the Utv crashing hard or flipping.
Keep your hands inside the vehicle, this is very important also for passenger. The passenger has a handle in front of him/her or on the sides that he or she should tight on the ride.

04 Speed

The main reason for accidents and injuries on the trail is speed. Even small grass humps can turn into a dangerous ramp and let you end up rolling and crashing the vehicle hard. Simply choose a speed that is comfortable for you. This gives you time to react in changing trail conditions. If you want to drive slower than the guide, just slow down. The guide will adjust his speed to your needs. DO NOT do 360s/donuts or drifting. The trail conditions are changing and you might hit hard sand or stones that make you roll over. DO NOT go fast into corners. Your outside wheels might get stuck and you roll over.

6. How to manage the UTVS.

Driving on the trail needs some practice. Don´t stop on the trail unless you move over. Otherwise you will get hit from behind. If the Utv does not move forward anymore, just stop and wait for help. Don´t try to get out with full throttle in mud or a river, it will just dig you in deeper.


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